About Dr. Aguilar

Offering personalized attention in a tailored setting, Dr. Juan Pedro Aguilar is dedicated to serving his patients well.

Dr. Juan P. Aguilar is a native of Santiago de Cuba. He was born in 1950, to Dr. Juan J. Aguilar Taquechel, a surgeon, and Gladys Guerra Ravelo. His family relocated to the United States in 1960 in pursuit of maintaining the free choice increasingly curtailed by the socialist and communist government of Fidel Castro’s repressive regime. After ratification of his medical degrees, Dr. Aguilar (father) settled in Rome, Georgia where Dr. Aguilar (son) graduated high school before enrolling at the University Of Salamanca School Of Medicine. He received his MD degree, and returned to Miami to continue his training at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he spent 2 years: one in the Department of Medicine and one in the Department of Surgery. While sharing the care of a few very ill patients with ophthalmologist-in-training, Dr. Aguilar recognized that the exciting field of Ophthalmology was what he wanted for his future. He was able to transfer to an Ophthalmology Program in Buffalo, New York, and graduated in 1983. He spent the following year studying Ophthalmic Pathology at John Hopkins’ Wilmer Institute; another year in a Cornea Transplantation and External Disease fellowship with Dr. John Cowden in Detroit, Michigan, at Kresge Eye Institute, and six months studying and practicing Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery - also at Kresge Eye Institute with Dr. Frank Nesi and Dr. Thomas Spoor.

For 31 years Dr. Aguilar has been married to Dr. Ann Elizabeth Ballen, also an ophthalmologist (and daughter of a retired NYC ophthalmologist), specializing in children’s eye disorders. Their children, Jonathan and Rebecca, were raised in Pinecrest, attended Gulliver Schools, graduated from Harvard College and U-Chicago respectively and are busy pursuing careers in physics and international relations. Dr. Ballen practices in South Miami.

After more than 20 years of serving the community, Dr. Aguilar now specializes in microsurgery and the latest techniques in cataract surgery. These include corrective surgery with LASIK, premium intraocular implants and methods that decrease dependency on spectacle correction by diminishing - or eliminating - myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. His staff is competent, caring and capable - under his supervision - of attending to patients with glaucoma, cataracts, and, in general, the disorders of vision, eye and eyelids. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids is often performed in the office.

The office carries the full array of conveniences: minor procedure suite, computerized diagnostic instrumentation, lasers (Argon & YAG) which permit the accuracy required of today’s ophthalmic and refractive surgery practice. An in-house optical dispensary offers convenience and style.